Dhandapany P

Dhandapany P PhD


Scientist E and Assistant Investigator, InStem, Bangalore

Field of Expertise
InStem, Bangalore

Dr. Dhandapany Perundurai is a Scientist E and Assistant Investigator, heading cardio genomics, stem cells, and precision medicine lab ( at Institute of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine (inStem), an autonomous Indian Government Institute under the Department of Biotechnology in Bangalore. Dr. Perundurai's lab is the only lab in India using a multi-model functional genomics approach to identify new genes, mechanisms, and therapeutic targets for cardiomyopathies and heart failure. His lab has identified various cardiomyopathy-related genes in South Asians and established different models, including patient-specific-induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and genetically engineered mouse models, to study the mechanisms and potential drug targets for these conditions.
Dr. Perundurai has published landmark papers in high-impact journals, including Nature Genetics, Science Advances, and PNAS in the cardiomyopathy and heart failure research. Dr. Perundurai has been recognized by several competitive awards, including the DBT-Wellcome Trust Intermediate Fellowship, Ramanujan Fellowship, Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council award, the American Heart Association -Scientist Development Grant, and Torrent Pharmaceuticals Young Investigator Award, for his work in cardiomyopathies. He has also trained several students and postdocs who are now in various parts of globe including Europe, USA, Australia and Japan. He serves as a reviewer for many journals and in several government committees including DBT-Newton Bhabha fellowships.