Main Objectives are

  • To promote the progress and uphold the cause of cardiovascular sciences and their interfaces.
  • To co-operate with existing Academies or societies having similar objects and with others when founded.
  • To encourage and publish important researches in the branches of cardiovascular science and to represent internationally the scientific work of India in the domain of cardiovascular sciences.
  • To undertake, control and direct scientific enterprises of all-India significance and to participate in similar international activities.
  • To publish monographs, periodicals, journals, proceedings and transactions relating to scientific researches in cardiovascular sciences.
  • To conduct lectures, seminars, courses, workshops etc and to organise and arrange for the meetings of Committees, symposia and Conferences for reading and discussing scientific reports in subjects of interest to the society and thus facilitate diffusion of useful knowledge.
  • To collaborate, affiliate, liaise or entre into co-operations with any Government or private agency, both within and outside the country as is deemed necessary for furthering the objects of the society.
  • To secure and administer funds, grants and endowments from any Government institutions or other agencies and individualsfor the furtherance of scientific research and other activities for propagation of knowledge and growth of cardiovascular sciences.
  • To undertake and execute all other acts which shall assist in and promote the usefulness, aims and purposes of the society.
  • To institute fellowships, scholarships and make awards of prizes and research grants to individuals and organisations for the advancement of cardiovascular sciences.
  • To engage in public education and training with the objective of improved preventive programmes for the welfare of all.


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